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Very important message for our students

It is now one year since we started the first version of our programming training platform, and we didn't waste it. We proudly say that we created something completely unique. Our new platform, which will start very soon, will allow us to conduct fully functional training without a trainer, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

How does it work?

The system is built based on verifying entered source code with Artificial Intelligence. The program checks the code and, based on the output, gives the student personalized recommendations and what she needs to change in the code to get it working. This way, we eliminate the requirement to have a trainer to help. Thanks to the possibility of analyzing source code using our Python compiler, which generates output precisely in the form that is best suitable for machine analysis with Artificial Intelligence, we get more quality results than you would imagine.

Why it is important?

You don't need a trainer to work with the system. Of course, in any case, it requires some degree of work and resources to get it working and make it better, so we don't speak about completely free-of-charge training. However, now, at the beta-testing phase, we can allow it to ourselves, and we are interested in providing access to the system absolutely for free. Second, even when the system will start to work in the final version, it will cost way less than it would be if you would work with a real trainer, and it means we can make programming more accessible for a wider audience.

No trainer also means you can plan your training in the way most suitable for you - you can do it any time.

Want to try?

Use the request form to submit a request, and we will call you back. The course will be provided for you completely for free.

And, of course, no one says there will be no possibility to learn with a trainer using our platform - check our prices and schedule a meeting with our trainer if it is more suitable for you.

A few words about us

So who are we? We will try to explain it fast enough, even before deciding to close this page.

We are a team of like-minded persons from Tel Aviv, Israel, offering an online programming course for children. However, it is not a regular course. Even not a course. It is workouts. Like in a gym where you train to jump faster and farther, we train to program better than others. Not just to jump, but to do it the way to leave others behind.

We train from the very beginning, and all that you need is to be able to read and write English and be ready to train your brain - it is what we will train, and you will need to work hard to make it work. "To start" is often the hardest step, and we know it, and we are ready for it.

We prepared a unique platform for online learning. It focuses on only one task – yes, you guessed – to do the first step, start writing programs, and do it better than others!

We give the ability to create algorithms. This ability is the main one in programming, and it is the universal one - no matter what programming language you use, the algorithms are the same. And you don't need years of training to start to write good algorithms.

What our platform gives to you:

  • everything is ready: you don't need to install anything, we installing everything you will need, you can start to learn: all you need is the internet browser that you use to read this page
  • any device: you can learn even from your tablet (even from the phone, though it will be less useful)
  • repetition: the whole lesson is recorded in the system, and student (or trainer) always can get back to the workout and listen to it, with your and trainer voice and all learned materials
  • explanation of every line of code: the system recognizes the source code and gives a detailed description of every line of code
  • detailed error explanation: it gives a detailed description for every error that occurred, examples of code that can cause this error, and examples of correct code, this way you don't need to guess in the darkness why your program doesn't work
  • code blocks like in Scratch: to simplify learning at the beginning (of course! the first step!) you can use blocks similar to Scratch, and you can switch between blocks and source code at any moment - (try it here by yourselves). It uses Google Blockly

It is only some of the unique possibilities of our platform that you will not meet anywhere else.

Very good. We hope now you have no intention to close this page

And we want to say one more important thing:

We made a significant effort to create an ideal training program, and we built it using modern teaching approaches, like retrieval practices, spreading learned terms through the next training, and more. As a result, it allows you to understand the topic deeper for a faster time and remember it longer. By the way, we already did it on this page, if you read it till the end. Yes-yes, remember what we said about the first step?

So all we have to do is this first step: request training, especially that it is for free. For some, this first step may become the most important in life, as it has become for us. But that's another story.

Note that we described how the system works but didn't say a word about the programming language used in training. In fact, it doesn't matter. We chose a language that is fastest in learning and, at the same time, is one of the three most popular programming languages: our training is based on Python. But it is only a tool. By learning one programming language you will be able to learn more and more - they all are very similar. The most important part here is to start.

If you still have questions - scroll down to the end of this page; we tried to answer the most important of them.

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